Hamburgers a la papa

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Burgers, If I mention this to my preschoolers, all they think about is McDonalds or Burger King. They start a debate about what toys are in the happy meals or how many Big Mac's their dad can eat. I could give a plea about good food for young children, but this blog isn't about that.

 When I hear the word Burger, I have vastly different associations. My thoughts jump to my father's burger. My mom worked as an on call nurse. Often it happened that my mom suddenly had to start at 3pm on saterday. Well, what does that mean? My dad had to find a way to feed my brother and me. We never went to McDonalds unless we really had to. Like when we came back from a holiday, but usually we went for takeout chinese. 

But there is and always was one problem, my dad doesn't like cooking and baking even less. Because baking as you know creates a mess, which is so troublesome...... But still there's one thing my dad really know how to make, his burgers, 10 times as healty as McDonalds hamburgers and a way more delicious.I never realy asked him about how he got the recipe, but I'm afraid knowing would spoil the nostalgia. 

for my first blogpost i wanted to take it a stap further than just a store bought burger with some vegetables. So I decided to make my own burgers using my dad's old recipe. 





Hamburger naturel

Beef (lean)              250 gram
Curry powder            1 tblsp
Paprikapowder           2 tsp
Chives                       2 tblsp
Clove of garlig            1         
Egg                           1


Hamburger more of a challenge

Beef (lean)                250 gram
Curry powder              1 tblsp
Paprikapowder             2 tso
Worchestersauce          2 tblsp
Tabasco                       9 drops
Shallot                         1 chopped
Egg                              1

Hamburger bunes ( 2 )

Tomato                      ½
Pickles                       3
Pearl onions                10
Onion                          ½
Baking Butter



Mixing bowl
Cake pan                  8 of 10 cm
Garlic press
frying pan
Oven                          with  grill setting
Cutting board







Hamburger naturel &more of a challenge

1.       1. Put the beef in the mixing bowl and at all ingredients. Make sure to keep the beef not to dry a little wet is oke. Knead it to a ball

  2.   Divided it in to 2 balls. And use the cake pan bottom to create the right shape

 3.      Put the frying pan on and start heating the butter. Slice the onion into rings  and sauté the onion in the butter. Put the burgers in the frying pann next to the onions.

4.     When the burgers are a little bitt brown turn on the oven.

5.     Sliced open the breads and place them under the grill. To make the inside crisp. In the meanwhile slice the tomato and pickles

6.      how to present the burger

-          First put some mayanosie on with one slice of tomato

-          Put on the tomato, some ketchup and  a few pickles

-          Place the burger

-         Put some mayonaise on the burger and another slice of tomato

-         Put some ketchup on the tomato en stick the pearl onions in the ketchup


Done!! Have a nice meal



 Tip: lNice with some ovenbaked fries!!